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“In an interview with reporters Friday, Musleh’s attorney Thomas Durkin said the case against his client was trumped up out of the nation’s fear of another terrorist attack.
He also argued that federal authorities should have attempted to help Musleh when they first suspected him of being influenced by radical extremists.

“I don’t think there is an offense here. If you want to talk about the law. We are not talking about insanity. I’d like to know how getting on a Greyhound bus in Indianapolis is an attempt to join ISIS? That’s a question we will try in the courtroom and not out here on the street corner,” Durkin said.
The Chicago-based attorney is well-known for having represented clients accused of either being terrorist sympathizers or being suspected of having ties to terrorism.”

Indiana teen accused of supporting ISIL appears in federal court
Bennett Haeberle, WISH TV, September 23, 2016